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7-Step Guide to Maintaining Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers are known for their versatility and durability, with very low maintenance requirements. They can last a long time, usually up to 25 years and beyond with proper upkeep. It’s quite easy to maintain your container over the years. Here are some helpful tips.

Year One (and As Needed)

Step 1: Buy a container from a reputable source

You don’t want to be taken for a ride when it comes to making a big investment like a shipping container. You want peace of mind knowing the product you’re buying will be in good condition, dependable and a value for the money. Always do your research on the container company you choose. At Container King, we stand behind every container we rent and sell.

Step 2: Don’t put too much weight on the roof

The shipping container’s corner posts offer the bulk of the strength and support your container needs, rather than the actual roof itself. When you walk across the roof or store heavy items on it, will bend and flex. This will damage the roof over time and take away from the structural integrity of your container.

If you absolutely require rooftop storage, ask your supplier to reinforce it for heavy loads.

Step 3: Remove debris, standing water, snow and ice from the roof

Water, ice, and snow also strain the roof, causing dents and scratches. Did you know that standing water can cause rust, thin out the metal in the roof, and allow moisture to penetrate? After a weather event, such as a snow, ice or wind storm, clean off the roof as soon as you can. Sweep off leaves, clear off snow and chip away at ice.

Step 4: Follow manufacturer recommendations for climate control systems

The heating and air conditioning system within your modified shipping container is just like any other HVAC system. Air filters need to be replaced and the system needs regular maintenance from a professional. Stay on top of inspections, regular maintenance, service, and repair.


Step 5: Inspect the roof for debris, rust, dents, scratches and moisture

Scratches, dents, and peeling paint all increase your chances for rust. That’s why it’s important to inspect the roof and remove debris at least once a year. Touch up any chipped-off paint so the metal doesn’t thin out.

You can utilize a commercial cleaner, mild bleach, or anti-mildew solution to clean off rust and dirt. Use a simple water hose and broom to encourage the process. If you see large dents, scratches, rust spots, and holes, call a professional as soon as possible.

Step 6: Inspect and replace caulk and weather stripping

Moisture can enter spaces where caulk or weather stripping has cracked or peeled off. Moisture encourages mildew growth.

Every Few Years or As Needed

Step 7: Monitor the container for settling and re-level

If you wish to install your shipping container on a soft surface, keep in mind it will settle over time. Before buying, ask your shipping container supplier for recommendations on proper foundation and support mechanisms to guard against settling.

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5 Benefits of Side Opening Containers

Side opening containers are a bit different from other types, in that they open from the side rather than one end. This poses many benefits, not the least of which is ease of transferring lengthwise items and cargo such as vehicles. Here at Container King, for example, we offer a 40 Ft High Cube Open Side Container, among a wide variety of other sizes.

Features of Side Opening Containers

Side opening shipping containers typically feature the following:

  • High-quality steel construction for durability and versatility
  • Water-sealing on all doors to keep everything inside dry- and vermin-free
  • Solid, marine-quality timber floors
  • Standard doors that can open the full 270 degrees
  • Large side doors for easier access and loading large items

Upon request, our team is also able to provide installation of:

  • Whirlybirds
  • Container ramps for easy loading
  • Heavy-duty shelves for goods storage
  • Security lock boxes
  • Air vents to prevent condensation
  • Windows

Basically, whatever accessory you need, we can install it on our side opening containers.

Benefits of Side Opening Shipping Containers

Check out these five benefits of side opening shipping containers:

  1. Easy loading and offloading – Side opening containers provide easy access for loading and offloading goods, especially in instances where a forklift or pallet truck is being utilized. The forklift or truck can drive in, then place and stack the goods with little effort.
  2. Better access to stored items – With a back-to-front loading style, it’s nearly impossible to access goods that were loaded first. You would have to remove front items to get to them, which wastes a lot of time. However, with a side opening container, goods that were loaded first don’t have to be offloaded last, which means it’s much easier to retrieve items quickly and efficiently.
  3. Better utilization of the container – Side doors improve the functionality of the shipping container because it can be divided into two or more parts. This is ideal when you want your container to serve as multiple cafes, shops or offices.
  4. Access for extra-large items – Side opening shipping containers featuring larger doors provide adequate room for extra-large cargo that simply can’t fit through regular doors. Thus, you are able to add more items than you normally would.
  5. Conversions – You can turn side opening containers into anything from homes and sheds to offices and pop-up shops. You can even install more aesthetically-pleasing doors, like sliding glass doors or a roller door.

Bottom line is, side opening containers have much more versatility than traditional types. Consequently, you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as for more efficient storage and transportation.

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8 Accessories to Complement Your Shipping Container

If you’ve recently bought a shipping container and now want to know how you can accessorize it to further suit your needs, consider the many add-on options available to you. From security and lock boxes to shelving and windows, there are many accessories you can purchase to maximize the functionality and comfort of your container.

Not only do accessories make your job a whole lot easier, they also help you achieve a higher level of user friendliness and organization. Check out these eight accessories to complement your shipping container.

1.    Security and Lock Boxes

Keeping your containers secure from break-in and theft is made easy with security and lock boxes. These boxes essentially cover your locks and window bars so your equipment stays protected.

2.    Doors

There are many different types of doors you can install:

Roll-Up Doors

These give you easy side access to whatever’s in your container. Here at Container King, we offer:

  • 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ custom roll-up doors for storage containers
  • Multiple Door Storage Containers for flexible access to your goods

Personal Doors

These give you quick access to the contents of your storage containers through durable steel doors that are lockable and secure.

3.    Windows

Get windows that are customized to your container, offering a higher level of security while at the same time allowing more natural light to stream through.


4.    Shelves

To help you stay organized, you can install shelving and pipe racks designed to keep your valuable equipment or merchandise off the floor. Giving you easier access and top-notch organization, shelving is a must-have for any lab, school, office or home base.

5.    A/C and Heat

For the ultimate in comfort, install an AC or heating unit to keep you warm or cool throughout the year no matter the season.

6.    Custom Colors and Interiors

You can also paint your storage container any color you want, to reflect your personal style or the branding and logos that represent your company. In terms of interiors, you don’t have to go with a cookie cutter layout. You can add rooms, nooks and crannies, and features that allow you to truly customize the space to suit your needs.

7.    Ramps

Easily wheel your belongings into and out of the storage container with ramps. These give you a portable, durable ground-level entry method for use with dollies. Why haul equipment and heavy items in and out on your own? You could risk hurting yourself or the equipment. Install a ramp for easy in and out.

8.    Lights

Illuminate your storage container, inside and out. Exterior lights are a must if you will be operating at night. Interior lights are necessary no matter what time of day it is. Here at Container King, we can install lights at the top or along the sides.

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