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20ft Half-Office Half-Storage Container for Sale

20 Ft Half Office Half Storage Container Office

Our ½ office ½ storage containers are great options for customers who are looking for a more economical solution to having both storage and office space. These compact solutions offer both office and storage options in one container saving cost on delivery, as well as, space at the job site. They come with a full electrical package including lights, electrical outlets and an A/C unit, as well as, windows and an interior divider wall with a 3’ walk thru door to access storage from the office. The windows and doors have the option to be equipped with security bars to ensure your container is safe from theft.


  • Insulated
  • LP Smart Side Interior wall covering that is durable and easy to maintain
  • Exterior 3’ Man Door fully framed
  • 3’x3’ Double Paned Windows
  • Wired 100-amp panel with 70 amp disconnect
  • A/C window unit
  • 4’ LED lights
  • Interior divider wall with 3’ lockable walk thru door for storage access, as well as, the original container swing doors
  • Offered in both 20’ and 40’ containers


Length: 20ft.
Storage: Length: 9ft. 4in., Width: 7ft, 8in.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Weight: 4,900 lbs.
Width: 8ft.
Office: Length: 9ft. 4in., Width: 7ft, 8in.
Height: 7ft. 5in.
Height: 8ft. 6in.
Height: 7ft. 10in.
* Note: Dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary slightly.

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