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Delivery Requirements

40ft Container Space Requirement

40ft container space requirements

20ft Container Space Requirement

20ft container space requirements

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Containers are delivered on a tilt bed truck. The driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then drives out from under the container.

The area must be flat and free of obstacles to allow the driver to get the delivery trailer into place. Be sure to check the entire access path to see if you have at least 14 feet of overhead clearance from the ground to the lowest point of anything overhead such as building overhangs, trees, and utility lines. To get out from under the container the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line. This can be up to 120 feet with a 40′ container or 90 feet with a 20′ container. The loaded tilt bed truck requires 12-foot wide clearance.

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