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Since 2006, Container King has supplied quality secure shipping and storage containers, office containers and mobile office trailers for sale.

Container King is also a leader in Customized Container Offices, Tiny Homes & Cabins. If you can dream it, we can make it,

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About Us

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Dallas Shipping Containers

Established in 2006, Container King specializes in the sale and rental of new and used shipping and storage containers, office containers and mobile office trailers. Since the very beginning, Container King has focused on the customer, striving to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Our team knows the importance of trust between ourselves and our customers. Thanks to our trained staff and manufacturing facility, you can expect:

  • Reliable completion dates
  • A quality-guaranteed container-based structure
  • Open communication and deadlines met

The Beginning

Self-started Cole Smith launched Container King as a small regional sales and rental business, dedicated to offering quality containers at a competitive price. Then in 2013, Paula Pacanins joined as President, bringing a strong female leadership quality to the mix. Together, these two life-long friends since college re-united to expand the business into other markets and take it in a bold new direction into construction.

Container King began modifying shipping containers into structures for storage, work space, living space and more. They moved into large, complex projects such as the State Fair of Texas, where a fun and interactive display of 10 shipping containers painted by Texas artists were on display. They also created Box Office Warehouse Suites, a unique business park located in Tarrant County featuring innovative office, warehouse and retail space for lease built entirely from shipping containers.

Our Philosophy

Ask anyone on our team here at Container King what the primary focus is and they’ll all say: customer service! It’s very easy to use price or clever sales gimmicks to sell products or provide service. But in the long run, we feel strongly that in order to build a lasting relationship, we must focus on the customer.

Our commitment to each customer includes providing personalized attention, honest pricing, and constant communication. We want to make sure you stay in the loop every step of the way.

Our Staff

We have made mistakes and learned a lot over the years. Our depth of experience has been a key element in providing for our customers year after year. Many years ago, we learned the benefit of hiring, training and keeping quality people in our office, our shop and in our delivery trucks.

It starts with the sales team – knowledgeable friendly people who walk you through the process.  Our trained staff performs each step of production – welding, carpentry, electrical, finish out and painting — in house at our four-acre manufacturing facility.

Each step of our process is segmented into a designated area. As the Conex container moves through the specialty area, the production team performs rigorous quality control checks at each stage to ensure the highest quality product possible.

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your storage container needs throughout Dallas and beyond! To learn more about our company or our products, get in touch with us toll free at 866-961-5464 or at 972-290-4600.