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45ft One-Trip High Cube Container for Sale



Length: 45ft.
Length: 44ft. 6in.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Weight: 10,800 lbs.
Width: 8ft.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Height: 8ft. 5in.
Height: 9ft. 6in.
Height: 8ft. 10in.
* Note: Dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary slightly.


Let’s explore the versatile applications of 45ft one-trip high cube shipping containers across personal, commercial, and residential contexts:

Personal Uses:

  • Private Storage: Utilize the ample space for storing personal belongings, seasonal items, or large equipment that may not fit in standard storage solutions.
  • Home Office: Convert a shipping container into a spacious home office, providing a quiet and separate workspace away from the main living area.
  • Art Studios: The open and well-lit interior of a 45ft container can be adapted into an art studio, providing ample room for creativity to flourish.
  • Personal Gym: Create a dedicated workout space with enough room for exercise equipment, allowing for convenient home workouts.

Commercial Uses:

  • Retail Spaces: Capitalize on the container’s unique aesthetic to set up eye-catching retail stores, attracting attention and enhancing branding.
  • Pop-up Restaurants: Transform containers into trendy pop-up restaurants or food stalls, capitalizing on their portability and distinctive design.
  • Event Venues: Utilize containers as temporary event spaces for product launches, exhibitions, or promotional events, providing a modern and memorable backdrop.
  • Workshops: Convert containers into workshops for various industries, such as woodworking, manufacturing, or automotive repairs.

Residential Uses:

  • Tiny Homes: The spaciousness of a 45ft container allows for creative layout designs in the tiny house movement, providing compact yet functional living spaces.
  • Guest Houses: Use the container as a guest house or an Airbnb rental unit, providing comfortable accommodations for visitors or potential income.
  • Student Housing: Containers can be incorporated into student housing solutions, offering cost-effective and modular living spaces for universities.
  • Off-Grid Living: Equip containers with renewable energy systems to create off-grid residential solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Incorporating 45ft one-trip high cube shipping containers into personal, commercial, and residential settings offers a host of practical and innovative possibilities. With their generous dimensions, material integrity, and timeless appeal, these containers can be adapted to suit a wide range of needs, reflecting the unique preferences and requirements of individuals, businesses, and communities.

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