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20ft x 17ft Expandable Portable Office Warehouse

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20ft x 17ft Expandable Portable Office Warehouse

In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability and efficiency are at a premium, especially when it comes to workspace solutions. That’s where our 20ft x 17ft Expandable Portable Office Warehouse comes into the picture, offering a groundbreaking way to quickly and efficiently expand your operational space.

Unfold, Set, and Work!

Imagine the convenience of unfolding a complete office setup in minutes. Our expandable office warehouse is not just a space; it’s a revolutionary design that unfolds to a ready-to-use office or warehouse space. Its ability to relocate easily makes it an excellent choice for businesses on the move or those needing temporary project offices.

Sturdy and Sustainable Specifications:

  • Wall Construction: Our walls are made from 50mm EPS sandwich panels, known for their durability and excellent insulation properties. They keep the interior temperature regulated, making your office comfortable in various climates.
  • Roofing: Above you, a 50mm glass fiber sandwich panel forms a robust and weather-resistant roof. This material ensures a long-lasting, leak-proof cover over your workspace.
  • Flooring: Underfoot, a combination of MGO board and PVC flooring provides a solid, easy-to-clean surface that stands up to heavy use.
  • Entrance: Walk through a stylish sliding glass door that not only provides security but also lets in natural light, creating an inviting workspace.
  • Windows: White-framed, double-glazed PVC windows enhance the aesthetic while providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Electrical Outlets: The structure includes electrical outlets strategically placed to ensure that power is always within reach, making it easy to set up computers, lighting, and other essential equipment.

The Power of Portability:

The 20ft x 17ft Expandable Portable Office Warehouse is designed with mobility in mind. Whether you’re relocating to a new site or need to expand your current space, this portable solution is up for the task. It unfolds quickly, meaning you spend less time setting up and more time getting down to business.


Length: 19ft. 2in.
Width: 16ft. 8in.
Height: 8ft. 3in
* Note: Dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary slightly.

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