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53ft Shipping Containers for Sale

Looking for a single office or home unit but still want to maximize your space? Our 53’ containers are the perfect choice.

Our largest container variation offers eight more feet, making it ideal for larger working teams or residents looking for a compact, yet spacious container home.

We take pride in offering not only the widest selection of containers throughout Texas and Oklahoma, but customer service and fulfillment to match.

All of our 53’ containers are:

  • Manually inspected for cleanliness
  • Verified to be fully operational, including being burglary and theft-resistant
  • Delivered at the date, time, and location you request
  • Professionally handled by experienced staff and drivers

Not sure if you should buy a used or one-trip unit? Check out these commonly asked questions: 

What’s the difference between a one-trip and used container?

A one-trip container means after it was manufactured, the container was only shipped once overseas before being sold on the consumer market. In most cases, this is the newest you can get because shipping containers are initially produced for commercial needs.

Are both types of containers equally durable?

Yes, both one-trip and used containers can last up to 20-25 years or a little longer when properly maintained. The weather conditions and length of time a used container has endured affect its overall appearance, but unless it has buckled or rusted, it will offer most of the durability of a one-trip unit.

How much does a one-trip container cost vs. a used container?

While the containers and customizations of customers’ purchases vary, one-trip containers cost more because they’re newer. Each container is slightly different, but you can expect to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more for one-trip containers.

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