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We want our containers to be the perfect solution for our customers. Utilize our modification team to enhance your container and increase functionality by customizing it to fit your exact needs. We can modify as little or as much as you would like and offer multiple accessories, such as lighting, electrical outlets, heating and air conditioning and modifications to make your portable storage unit the perfect fit for you.

Security & Lock Boxes

Ensure your containers are secure from break-ins and theft! Secure steel lock boxes cover the area where you place the padlock on your container. If you need even more security, we can add bars over the window(s) and a door bar. Pair with our padlocks for the ultimate protection.


If you are looking to improve the functionality and storage efficiency of your shipping container, consider adding our shelving and or pipe racks. We have multiple options and offer a custom shelving system that requires no drilling into the container!

Personnel Doors

Make access to the inside of your container easy with the addition of a secure man door. Our commercial grade steel doors offer a weather-resistant access point to the inside of the container. We have both 3’ and 4’ doors.

  • Made of Steel
  • Lockable and Secure
  • Easy Access

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors provide a perfect solution for additional end or side access to your container. We offer multiple sizes and customize placement to best suit your needs. Our roll-up doors are framed with a steel frame to protect the structural integrity of the shipping container.

  • 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ custom roll-up doors for storage containers
  • Multiple Door Storage Containers provide flexible access to your goods


Increase sunlight and visibility inside or outside your shipping container installing windows. We have standard, as well as, custom sizes available to meet customer’s needs.

Air Conditioning and Heating

If you are looking for heating and air conditioning options for temperature control in your shipping container, Container King offers two options. Our more affordable solution is a basic window unit. Window units are a great option for basic heating and cooling needs for single rooms/areas. Our second option is a Mini Split. While the Mini Split is a more expensive option, it has its advantages. A Mini Split is a system that is split into two parts, an indoor air-handling unit, and an outdoor compressor/condenser. This helps the system have an ultra-quiet operation. The indoor unit is wall mounted, making it aesthetically pleasing.

If the container has individual rooms, the Multi-Head Mini Split is the perfect heating and cooling solution. Individual mounted indoor units in each room connect to one outdoor unit. This allows you to heat and cool all of the rooms with one system.


Open up the option to be able to see inside the container both day and night by adding lighting to your container. We offer 4’ LED lights, as well as, can lights.


Avoid the loss of valuables stored in containers, due to container rain.
Container rain is caused by changes in temperature, A container that is loaded when the air is warm and humid, and then temperatures change to cooler, will sometimes suffer from cargo damage caused by container rain – if the container is not protected against moisture. Side vents and a whirlybird installed increase airflow inside the container by allowing the hot air to rise and escape through the whirlybird. You can pair with our side vents increase airflow and reduce humidity, condensation and mold.

Custom Interiors

Whatever you need, we have the solution. No matter what business you’re in, Container King has a container that’s right for you. Just let us know what you are hoping to accomplish. And we’ll customize a container to help you meet your goals. Please visit our Custom Photo Gallery to see some of the projects we have completed.

Custom Colors

Ask us about painting your storage container any color you wish! Do you want it to match your corporate logo? Or do you prefer for it to blend in? We prime, prep and paint with a direct to metal paint guaranteed to last! Just let us know, and our skilled painting team will take care of it!

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