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How to Avoid Falling Victim to Shipping Container Scams

Container King explains how to avoid shipping container scams. Contact us to learn more about our shipping and storage containers. With the recent global storage container shortage, many individuals and businesses may be at an increased risk of fraud. Demand is excessively high right now for shipping containers. In turn, the price to buy a… read more

6 Reasons Why You Need a One-Trip (as new as you can get) Shipping Container

Container King explains 6 reasons why you need a one trip shipping container. Contact us today to learn about our products. If you’re faced with the need to acquire a shipping container for your personal or business use, you may be wondering what’s best: one trip container or used? There are many instances where buying… read more

How to Find the Best Deal on Used Shipping Containers

Whether this is your first time buying used containers or you’ve purchased a few units in the past, you are probably wondering: where can I buy used shipping containers on the cheap and get a great deal at the same time? Container prices fluctuate with the market based on a variety of factors, such as… read more

5 Tips to Maintaining Your Shipping Container Roof

Container King explains the importance of maintaining your shipping container roof in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. Your shipping container’s roof is under a lot of stress. From weather to accumulated debris, many things can take a heavy toll on the roof of your container. That’s why you need to pay special attention to this… read more

Conserve Cash With Used Shipping Containers

Container King in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas offers high-quality new and used shipping containers. Contact us today! As a business owner, it’s important to save money when in the process of buying the equipment you need to run your company. One way to save is to purchase used shipping containers to save on cash.… read more

Small Office, Big Benefits: a Shipping Container as a Workspace

Looking for using a shipping container as a workplace? Container King explains all of the alternative ways to use containers. If you’re a project manager or site manager, you know most of your important work is done behind the scenes, poring over paperwork, sitting at a desk, working on the computer – all to make… read more

Buying a Shipping Container: What to Look For

Here is a guide that outlines some of the important things you should look for before buying a shipping container of any kind. Are you on the hunt for a shipping container to purchase? It’s important to stay abreast of current trends, costs and benefits. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a good… read more

How Long Does it Take for a Shipping Container Delivery?

Here at Container King, we can typically our shipping container delivery occurs within one to three business days from receipt of order. When ordering a shipping container, your first thought after cost may be: how long will it take for me to receive it? Here at Container King, we can typically deliver your container within… read more

How Storage Containers Can Enhance Job Site Security

Storage containers can enhance job site security so call Container King today. We would love to talk to you about containers. If you have a remote job site, such as part of your construction company, you may find it’s difficult to get peace of mind when it comes to keeping your tools and equipment safe… read more

Budgeting for Your New Shipping Container

If you’re in the market for a new shipping container, one of your first thoughts may be how you will be able to afford it. And rightly so. But when you partner with a trusted provider like Container King, you know you’ll be taken care of. We offer many affordable ways of financing your shipping… read more
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