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Storage & Shipping Containers To Rent, Buy or Customize

Storage & Shipping Containers To Rent, Buy or Customize Are you a commercial entity or business window-shopping for storage containers or shipping containers? If yes, then your search stops right here at Container King! We offer a wide variety of quality storage containers and shipping containers available to rent, buy, or customize. Our assortment of… read more

Traditional Self-Storage or Portable Storage Containers, Which Is Better?

Self-Storage versus Portable Storage Containers Self-Storage or Portable Storage Containers? When it comes to finding an effective way to store items and keep them organized, there are two main options: traditional self-storage and portable storage containers. Traditional Self-Storage Traditional storage solutions like self-storage units are great for storing items that you do not plan to… read more

Building A Tiny Home

Building A Tiny Home Building a tiny home is becoming increasingly popular for people looking for a lifestyle change. Building your own tiny home allows you to customize the design to your particular needs and wants, as well as save money on rent or mortgage payments. The building can be done with various materials such… read more

Portable Storage Container

Portable Storage Container: Buying Tips When it comes to purchasing portable storage containers, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Container King is a leading provider of premium quality portable storage containers that provide maximum durability and security for whatever application you may have. Here are some tips when buying for the… read more

Tiny Home Buying

Tiny Home Buying Tiny Home buying can be both exciting and overwhelming all at once. Tiny Homes provide a unique living experience, and the right home can bring you comfort, convenience, and many years of happiness. Traditional Home-buying downside In a seller’s market, the odds of finding a home within your budget are lower. You… read more

Tips For Keeping Rust Out of Your Shipping Container

Rust and shipping containers are not a good combination. When exposed to moisture, corrosion will slowly eat away at the steel, creating holes that only get bigger with time. It not only looks bad, it shortens the lifespan of your container, even though it’s made of heavy-duty steel that can traverse oceans. Rust forms as… read more

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Shipping Container Scams

Container King explains how to avoid shipping container scams. Contact us to learn more about our shipping and storage containers. With the recent global storage container shortage, many individuals and businesses may be at an increased risk of fraud. Demand is excessively high right now for shipping containers. In turn, the price to buy a… read more

6 Reasons Why You Need a One-Trip (as new as you can get) Shipping Container

Container King explains 6 reasons why you need a one trip shipping container. Contact us today to learn about our products. If you’re faced with the need to acquire a shipping container for your personal or business use, you may be wondering what’s best: one trip container or used? There are many instances where buying… read more

How to Find the Best Deal on Used Shipping Containers

Whether this is your first time buying used containers or you’ve purchased a few units in the past, you are probably wondering: where can I buy used shipping containers on the cheap and get a great deal at the same time? Container prices fluctuate with the market based on a variety of factors, such as… read more

5 Tips to Maintaining Your Shipping Container Roof

Container King explains the importance of maintaining your shipping container roof in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. Your shipping container’s roof is under a lot of stress. From weather to accumulated debris, many things can take a heavy toll on the roof of your container. That’s why you need to pay special attention to this… read more