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Container Bars


Container bars are a popular new bar concept that utilizes old shipping containers as the structure for unique and trendy drinking establishments. By repurposing these durable steel containers into lively social spaces, container bars provide a distinctly industrial chic vibe.

The containers can be stacked or combined to create compact multi-story bars. Their modular nature also allows them to be deconstructed and moved to new locations with ease.

Container bars offer a mix of indoor and outdoor space, with the walls opened up or removed entirely during warm weather months. From quirky downtown hangouts to open air beachside bars, container bars are popping up in hip neighborhoods across the country.

Their adaptable designs and sustainability efforts effectively transform the relics of global shipping into the latest buzzworthy bars. With colorful lighting, graffiti art, and innovative craft cocktails, container bars have become a sensation offering distinctive spaces for social drinking in the 21st century.