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Oklahoma Shipping Containers


Containers King is a leader in Container sales in Oklahoma. We offer a comprehensive range of services catering to the Oklahoma community. We sell new and used shipping containers. All of our containers are meticulously hand-checked to ensure that each one meets the highest-quality of standards. Our containers are perfect for basic storage to more complex applications. 

We are known for being able to transform our containers into portable officers that are fully equipped with essential amenities like insulation, air conditioning, and electrical setups, making them ideal for on-site offices in various industries. We offer diverse floor plans to suit different needs, including combinations of office and storage spaces. Beyond standard configurations, Container King stands out for its custom container solutions. We can modify containers with options like custom paint jobs, windows, doors, and complete electrical outfitting, tailoring each unit to the specific requirements of  our clients.

Containers Offered in Oklahoma

We offer a range of sizes for you to choose from and to customize. The containers we offer include: 

Uses for a Shipping Container in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the use of shipping containers has become increasingly popular for many reasons. One of the biggest appeals of a shipping container is the durability against a wide range of weather conditions. Shipping containers are made of high-grade steel, making it resistant to harsh storms. People are drawn to the robustness of the containers because they can feel safe knowing their belongings are safe. 

In Oklahoma, the versatility of shipping containers is particularly well-suited to the state’s unique needs and characteristics. Here are some specific uses of shipping containers in Oklahoma:

  • Tornado Shelters: Given Oklahoma’s location in Tornado Alley, shipping containers can be reinforced and converted into safe, durable tornado shelters. Their strong steel structure can withstand high winds when properly anchored and modified.
  • Agricultural Storage: Oklahoma’s large agricultural sector can benefit from shipping containers as storage solutions. They provide a secure and weatherproof option for storing farm equipment, feed, and supplies.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Uses: The state’s significant oil and gas industry can use shipping containers for storage, mobile offices, and housing for workers in remote drilling and fracking sites.
  • Affordable Housing: With the growing interest in affordable and sustainable living, shipping containers are being repurposed into homes. They offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional housing, which is particularly appealing in Oklahoma’s rural and suburban areas.
  • Retail and Pop-Up Shops: In urban areas like Oklahoma City and Tulsa, shipping containers are used for innovative retail spaces, pop-up shops, and food trucks, adding a unique flair to the local business scene.
  • Portable Offices: For businesses that require mobility or have limited space, shipping containers can be converted into portable offices, providing a flexible and efficient workspace solution.
  • Workshops and Studios: Artists, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts in Oklahoma can use shipping containers as personal workshops or studios, taking advantage of their spacious and customizable nature.
  • Emergency and Disaster Response: Shipping containers can be quickly transformed into emergency housing or medical facilities during natural disasters, an important consideration in a state prone to severe weather events.
  • Recreational Uses: In recreational areas and parks, shipping containers can be used as visitor centers, rental shops, or storage for equipment like canoes, bikes, and camping gear.
  • Educational Facilities: Schools and colleges in Oklahoma can use shipping containers as additional classrooms, laboratories, or storage spaces, especially where there is a need for temporary or cost-effective solutions.

The adaptability of shipping containers to various climates and needs, combined with Oklahoma’s diverse landscape and economic sectors, makes them a valuable resource in the state. Whether for practical, commercial, or creative purposes, shipping containers offer Oklahomans a unique blend of durability, flexibility, and affordability.

Contact Container King To Learn More About Our Oklahoma Containers

If you are in Marietta, Oklahoma, or any surrounding city, and you are looking for a high-quality shipping container for any purpose- be it for storage, a mobile office, or customer project – don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Container King.

With their wide range of new and used containers, along with the ability to customize to your specific needs, they are well-equipped to provide you with the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for a simple storage option or a fully outfitted mobile office, Container King has the expertise and resources to meet your requirements, so contact us today!