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Shipping Containers for Sale in Texas

Our team at Container King is located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We serve the entirety of the Lone Star State, including bustling urban hubs like Dallas and Fort Worth, serene rural areas like Decatur County, charming towns like Sanger, and vibrant communities like Ardmore, and Gainesville.

We provide residential and commercial storage containers for purchase. We have a variety of container sizes ranging from 10 ft all the way to 53 ft. You will definitely find what you are looking for with our collection of containers and our modification options that allow you to customize your containers exactly the way you want. 

Texas is a bustling state with a growing population. Throughout the state reside millions of homeowners and business owners would benefit from a shipping or storage container. Whether you are looking for extra storage for all of your Christmas decorations, or a place to stock all of your inventory, we have got the container option for you!

Container Options in Texas

Here at Container King, we offer many different container options that can fit your specific container needs.

The container options we have here at Container King:

Container King Modification Options

Not only do we offer used and new storage and shipping containers for residential and commercial properties we also offer modification options to be able to customize your container so it can be personalized to your specific needs. 

Here are the modification options:

Reasons for Needing a Container in Texas

Shipping and storage containers have endless possibilities. We can help your vision come to life with our list of modification options that can provide the perfect solution for your needs. 

Some reasons people might turn to shipping containers include:

  • Storage Solutions: Our containers are top-notch quality and provide weather-resistant features for residential and commercial items such as tools, equipment, or decor.
  • Affordable Housing: Many people are turning to container homes because they are more affordable than traditional housing.
  • Commercial Spaces: Business owners are utilizing containers for unique retail spaces, cafes, and even pop-up shops.
  • Office Space: With all of our modification options we can create the perfect office space which is especially at construction sites and areas where office space is limited.
  • Workshops: Containers are perfect for artists, mechanics, and other craftsmen who are looking for space to improve their skills. 
  • Disaster Relief: In areas affected by natural disasters, shipping containers can be quickly deployed and converted into emergency housing units, providing a temporary solution for displaced families.

Contact Our Texas Team to Learn More

Our team is ready to speak to you about our containers and our modification options. Go ahead and give us a call or fill out our form to learn more about our services.