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The Best Containers

We supply new and used shipping containers at the very best prices. Each container is hand checked by our staff to ensure quality standards are met. All of our containers are guaranteed wind and water tight.

The Best Choice

Containers to lease are available to rent in select locations. Rentals are the best short-term option for any of your storage needs. Our low monthly rates start at $100/month.

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The Best Customers

Nothing is more important than you and your satisfaction. We can accommodate to almost all modification requests. Whether you need roll-up doors, windows, or a custom paint job, our staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

  • The Container delivered yesterday and was in as good, if not better shape, than you described. I was happily pleased with its condition. Service was fast and friendly!

    The driver was also very helpful and good to work with. He put it in the lot and set it right where I wanted like Pro! This is the third container I have purchased in the last two years and the easiest to finalize and set in place. I appreciate your help and highly recommend Container King to future potential clients. –Ernie B.


Tornado, Earthquake, and Hurricane Disaster Recover

For disaster relief housing, emergency housing, earthquake recovery or temporary emergency housing after a tornado or hurricane, please call us. Container King offers multi-purpose portable buildings and we will work with you to deliver the buildings promptly anywhere in the USA or the world.

Temporary Emergency Housing

Container King delivers emergency shelters and disaster relief housing for people displaced by natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes. We offer

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