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Spring Cleaning for Home With Shipping Containers

March is here, and spring cleaning is in full swing. Check out our list of ways to declutter your home with shipping containers from Container King.

At Container King, we are big supporters of making your storage needs easily achievable, and we have great tips on spring cleaning for home with shipping containers.

Keep reading to learn more and have your most effective spring cleaning yet!

Where to start?

The first step to decluttering your home this spring is deciding which storage solution is best for you.

Garages and sheds usually hold most of a household’s clutter, but traditional storage facilities are often considered the next option for people without access to garages or additional storage spaces.

However, portable shipping containers are a fantastic resource when decluttering your home.

While traditional storage facilities are more common, shipping containers offer superior benefits, like affordability and customization options, that are not achievable at a storage facility.

What to Store in Your Shipping Container

1. Backyard Clutter

Shipping containers come in various sizes and can house multiple objects at a time, including pool toys and equipment, gardening supplies, and bikes. Storing your outdoor-fun items in a shipping container will keep your backyard organized while providing easy access to your stuff when needed.

2. Holiday Decorholiday decor container

The holidays are over, but the clutter is here to stay. And even with a garage or shed, the winter ornaments and Valentine’s Day artwork can be a bit much.

Shipping containers can be modified to fit your storage needs, and including ventilation will ensure your holiday decor remains in perfect shape for the next holiday season.

3. Out-of-Season Clothing

With summer fast approaching, the need for cozy sweaters and boots is ending, and shipping containers are a great place to store all the clothing you don’t use year-round.

The best part is that once summer is over, you can remove your winter clothes from your shipping container and store bathing suits and sun hats in their place.

4. Personal Documents

Storing important documents is one of the top ways to declutter your home with shipping containers.

The security features of shipping containers make them a safe option for important papers, such as medical records and mortgage deeds.

It’s important to note that high and low temperatures can damage paper and ink, so equipping your shipping containers with ventilation will be especially helpful in this situation

5. Sentimental ItemsSentimental Items

If you want to hold onto the baby clothes your kids have outgrown or need a secure place to keep generational antiques, then shipping containers are a trustworthy storage solution.

Adding customizations like shelving and lighting will simplify organizing and locating special items.


Make significant changes this spring cleaning season and declutter your home with shipping containers from Container King.

Contact Container King today, and we’ll set you up with the ideal shipping container for your needs.