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4 Tips for Setting Up Your Shipping Container Home Office

example of shipping container home office

Using shipping containers for a home office is an ingenious idea. You get just the right amount of space, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant rental rate for a larger commercial space, and you get the privacy and professionalism you need away from your actual home. Check out these four tips to consider when setting up your shipping container home office.

1. Make Sure Containers are Fully Equipped

In order to maximize your efficiency and minimize the amount of time and money you have to spend outfitting your office from scratch, make sure the unit you’re buying is fully equipped with air conditioning, electric heat and electrical outlets. Ask what the optional features are as well, such as desks, a plan table and filing cabinets. Choosing these fully-equipped options now will save you headaches later on.

While you’re at it, make sure you’ll be getting a clean, well-laid-out and on-time delivery of the exact mobile office you want.

2. Consider Extras Like HVAC and Plumbing Systems

Many vendors offer further customization options to clients, especially when it comes to HVAC system and plumbing system installation. If you want a fully-functioning office that you will be using year-round and for many hours of the day, you’ll need air conditioning for those hot days as well as plumbing.

If you have one home office container, you may be able to get away with a window unit, but some clients purchase several units and link them together. Central AC would come in quite handy in these instances. When it comes to the plumbing system, you may just need a single toilet and a sink – enough to accommodate you and a few workers.

3. Install Large Windows

Proper lighting is imperative in any work space, especially if you’re working with blueprints, plans and other documents. To maximize your natural light, you may want to ask for extra windows or larger windows from your shipping container modification team.

This will not only flood the space with natural light during the day, it will also serve to make the unit more spacious, inviting and cheerful – something you can’t necessarily achieve with a standard unit with one or no windows. Plus, it will help boost the morale and productivity of your employees!

4. Increase Storage Space

If you are utilizing just one large shipping container, you know that storage space is at a premium. This can become a big problem if you need to store large amounts of documents on-site. You may want to consider adding multiple shelves or overhead cabinets to increase the available floor space instead of choosing space-hogging filing cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Container Home Offices

Are containers a good investment?

Shipping containers are a great investment for several specific purposes, like storage, construction, or modifications into homes or businesses. Like any investment, due diligence is essential to assess the container’s condition and potential return on investment.

What are the downsides of container homes?

Container homes, though innovative, come with challenges: condensation issues, insulation needs, permitting and zoning challenges, and sometimes limited space. If you have any questions about these matters or related topics, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to answer you. We work to provide all of our customers an above-and-beyond experience free of concerns from the get-go.

Why do people rent shipping containers?

Many rent containers for temporary storage needs, moving, construction sites, or events. They offer a secure, durable, and portable storage solution.

Are container homes/offices a good investment?

Container homes can be cost-effective and eco-friendly. However, resale value varies by region and market acceptance. Make sure you consider local regulations, potential challenges, and customization costs before investing in one.

What is the life expectancy of a container home/office?

With proper maintenance and insulation, a container home or office can last 25-40 years or longer. Your container office or home’s lifespan is influenced by your container’s condition and environmental factors.

Can a container home/office last 50 years?

It’s possible for your container home or office to reach 50 years of use. Know that this requires diligent maintenance, protection from corrosion, and a quality (ideally one-trip) original container.

Is it less expensive to build a container home/office?

In most cases, container homes can be more affordable than traditional homes. However, costs may increase based on design complexity, modifications, and local building regulations.

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