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Should You Rent or Buy a Container? How to Decide

renting vs. buying

If you have a need for a storage, shipping or on-site office container, your first thought may be whether you should rent or purchase a shipping container. Both are great options, but the answer to your question will lie heavily in your budget, specific needs and desired duration. Should you rent or buy a storage container? We will help you come up with a solution.


Size reassessment: this is one of the best features of the rental option. Sometimes we are tempted to order a container that is bigger than what we actually end up needing, or maybe the reverse is true for you.

By renting first, you can quickly flesh out your exact needs and tweak your rental accordingly without tying yourself down to a big purchase. You can choose from a few different sizes, then reassess later if you need to downsize or upsize.

In a nutshell, rentals are great if you…

  • Just need a storage space for a short time and can’t see yourself making use of a storage container in the long run
  • Temporarily have surplus items
  • Are moving to a new facility
  • Need temporary workspace
  • Have a short-term project such as construction job and need onsite tool storage
  • Are remodeling your office
  • Aren’t financially ready for a large expenditure
  • Wish to deduct the fees from your taxes


Purchasing shipping containers also comes with many benefits. When buying a container, you can modify it in any way you want, to fit your unique needs. This customization option is one of the best features of the purchase option. Whatever you need — mobile offices, outside stages, kiosks, multimedia booths, houses or storage spaces – you are not limited to the modifications, accessories and customized features that you can get. When you own the container, you have much more control.

Also, when you own your own container, you can ship it to any location you want without having to return it to its original location, like you do with a rental. Your shipping company will drop off your storage container on site, immobilize it and level it.

Buying is a better option for those who will need the container for the long term, as they pay one price up front rather than a monthly payment for a rental. Purchasing a container also allows you to amortize its cost over many years.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase a new or used container, depending on how low you want to keep your costs. But even used containers are in good condition when you buy from a reputable company, costing you less up front.

In a nutshell, buying is great if you…

  • Need permanent long-term storage
  • Wish to modify
  • Want a one-time fixed cost (typically, this is the most cost feasible option if you can afford it)

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting and Buying Containers

How much does it cost to deliver a container?

The cost to deliver a container varies based on distance, logistics, container size, and our current rates. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for local deliveries, with costs increasing for longer distances.

How much does it cost to use a storage container?

Renting a storage container is typically a few hundred dollars per month, depending on the container size, condition, and rental duration. Purchasing containers can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 or more based on condition, size, and any modifications.

How does container leasing work?

Container leasing operates similarly to renting. Individuals or businesses enter into a contract with a container leasing company for a predetermined period. Lease rates are usually monthly, with costs varying based on container size, condition, and lease duration.

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