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6 Reasons Why You Need a One-Trip Shipping Container


If you’re faced with the need to acquire a shipping container for your personal or business use, you may be wondering what’s best: one trip container or used? There are many instances where buying new, or one-trip, is a wise decision. If can afford it and your needs match these requirements, one-trip shipping containers are the way to go. Here are some of the benefits of buying a shipping container.

1. Cost Advantages

Sure, purchasing a shipping container may involve a large initial cash outlay, but you only incur this cost once at the time of purchase. If you were to rent your container, for instance, you make recurring monthly payments. They may be lower but the total cost adds up over time. Buying outright saves you from having to hassle with monthly payments, or from having to make upgrades to a used container. Buy one-trip in the first place and you get everything you need when you need it.

In general, if you need to rent a container for more than 18 months, you should buy it outright instead. This is when buying a one-trip container becomes the better financial decision.

2. Residual Value

With a shipping container rental, there is no residual value that remains. At the end of the rental agreement, you must return the unit and stop monthly payments. All those monthly payments then become a sunk cost.

When purchasing a shipping container, you could sell it at residual value. Because of their construction, shipping containers have the ability to maintain their value even a decade after the initial purchase, with some even having a lifespan of 30 years. This means that buying a shipping containers isn’t just convenient, it’s a wise investment opportunity as well. You could sell the container in the future at a price not too far off from what you spent on it initially.

3. Options and Availability

With rental containers, you may be limited to the sizes available to you. Shipping containers for sale, by contrast, are usually available in many sizes and with more options. For example, reefer shipping containers built with food-grade materials, flat rack and open top containers are easier to transport, and custom container sizes including high cube and mini containers are able to be accommodated on different-sized properties.

4. Modifications

One of the biggest advantages of buying a shipping container is that you are able to modify it in any way you choose. Whether those modifications are designed to improve security, increase functionality or to boost aesthetics, you are able to customize the container in any fashion. Typically, rental containers cannot be modified.

From the paint color to any modifications you require, special orders can be made when you buy one-trip. Want custom colors or business logos on it? No problem.


5. Ready to Use

In most cases, one-trip containers are in cargo-worthy condition at the time of purchase, which means they’re already prepped to be loaded and transported. No repairs, maintenance or cleaning tasks are necessary. You will need to inquire whether or not you can get a survey prior to purchasing your container.

6. Corrosion Resistant

One-trip ocean-going containers are made with Corten anti-corrosive steel corrugated panels and doors, able to resist corrosion. This means you get a longer lifespan out of your container. You know what you’re getting with a one-trip container.

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