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How to Find the Best Deal on Used Shipping Containers


Whether this is your first time buying used containers or you’ve purchased a few units in the past, you are probably wondering: where can I buy used shipping containers on the cheap and get a great deal at the same time?

Container prices fluctuate with the market based on a variety of factors, such as supply and demand; however, you can still sniff out bargains on shipping containers if you know where to look. There are endless listings online selling affordable used containers, but online purchases can be a tad risky because you can’t inspect the container before committing to the purchase – unless, of course, you can travel to meet the seller at their location. Also, shipping container photographs that are posted online can be quite deceiving.

That’s why buying local and in-person is always the best bet. You can stop in, view the container in question that you actually want to buy, and careful inspect its condition with your own eyes. Here are some more tips on finding the best deal on used shipping containers.

Buying From a Local Dealer

Buying local is a great option if you want to save money and time. Ask for word of mouth recommendations, check local business directories, call your local shipping docks or ask your business associates who they know and trust. Buying a used storage container is a big deal and a big investment, so you don’t want to leave anything up to chance.

Here are some reasons why local suppliers may be best for you:

  • Delivery charges are cheaper because there’s less distance involved.
  • Local suppliers, particularly those who have been immersed in the industry for a while, are experienced enough to help you find the right container for your exact needs and preferences. They are also knowledgeable about how to go about securing permits and other requirements in your area.
  • They offer customized or special features you may need, such as shelving, high-end locking mechanisms and ramps.
  • Check Yelp, the BBB and other review sites for local dealers.

Buying in Bulk

If you have the need, the money and the space, consider buying in bulk. Not only can you get a reduced rate on each container, you can transport more goods inside, you can reduce your shipping costs, and you don’t have to wait for delivery because you’ll always have spare containers on hand. Plus, you may be able to trade up on size. Let’s say you’re buying a batch of 20-foot containers; you could ask the seller to upgrade some of them to 40-foot containers at the same price. Or perhaps you could haggle for a couple of new containers but at used prices.



Finding the Best Value

In the end, it’s not just the price tag that should persuade you to buy something or not. Remember, what’s cheap to one person may not be to another. You may think it’s a steal to buy a used container for $500, but if it’s leaking and rusty, it’s essentially a waste of your hard-earned money. You might as well pay a little more and get the sturdy and reliable product you need.

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