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Container King in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas offers high-quality new and used shipping containers. Contact us today!

As a business owner, it’s important to save money when in the process of buying the equipment you need to run your company. One way to save is to purchase used shipping containers to save on cash. This is especially true if you don’t need one in new condition or if aesthetics don’t matter to you.

Used containers are less expensive than new containers of the same size. In fact, you can save quite a bit of money buying used over new. Understanding what type of performance you need from your container will help you figure out whether you really need to spend top dollar on a new container or not. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Intended Usage

If you intend to use the container to store items, whether household goods or inventory for your business, you will want to get a container that is wind and watertight. Yes, used containers may be showing some surface rust and have a few dings, but you can still find one in good overall shape.

Here at Container King, for example, our 20-foot used containers are secure and water tight, all of them being between eight and 12 years in age. They may contain small dents and surface rust but they are all built with CORTEN anti-corrosive steel, they are all structurally sound, and they all have intact floors and working doors to safely and securely store your goods.


If you are low on cash but still need a decent storage container, used is the way to go. In fact, our used storage containers can be purchased for up to 40 percent less than our new containers. This could translate to a savings of thousands of dollars.



Many people buy containers to use as homes and shelters. You can undertake many modifications to convert your storage container into a building, such as:

  • Roll-Up Doors: Typically either six or eight feet wide, these would look similar to a garage door at a self-storage facility.
  • Man Doors: Doors for humans, typically 36 inches wide. Installed fully framed, with a rain gutter above.
  • Windows: The most common is a vinyl window with a frame made out of box tubing, with the window installed inside.
  • Vents and whirlybirds: Adding vents and whirlybirds are very important if you plan to store nice furniture, or items of value or chemicals. Containers are susceptible to a phenomenon called container rain. Container rain is caused by quick changes in temperature from warm to cold or vice versa. What happens inside the container is that the warm, humid air condenses. Like the dew running down a can of soda on a hot summer’s day, condensation begins to form on the contents inside the container, the inner ceiling, and the walls of the container. Condensation takes place on the coldest available surface, and when the warmer air hits a colder surface (the container sealing), given the right heating and cooling cycles in the container, the moisture release could be so significant that it would seem to be “raining” from the ceiling. At Container King, we professionally install two vents and a whirlybird to prevent container rain, while maintaining a wind and water tight container.
  • Electricity: We have a licensed electrician on-site, and can provide lights, electrical outlets, breaker boxes and wiring, all done to city codes.
  • Plumbing: Do you need a shower, toilet, sink, hot water heater, or dishwasher fully plumbed? You name it, we can add it to your container!

Plans to Ship the Container

Most of the time, One Trip (as new as you can get) containers are certified to be shipped. Used containers can also be re-certified to ship for an additional $150-$250. If you don’t plan to ship your container to another country, you don’t need to purchase a certified container, thereby saving yourself some money.

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